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DA Systems

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DA Systems

Find supplier by name


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When will entry be posted?

The annual printed edition of this guide is mailed out to readers in February/March, and is also available for sale directly from us.

The online version is comprehensively updated in early spring with the new details used in the printed edition.

Entries submitted for either online or printed versions in the run-up to publication are held in readiness for the full update.

Entries submitted at other times of the year will be uploaded to the online version within a couple of days of submission.

Online only

You may submit a listing or extended entry to the online version of the guide at any time. Annual rates for chargeable items normally apply.


BASIC LISTINGS (company name, address, URL, business category etc) are FREE, so please submit your entry without obligation.

ENTRIES WITH A LOGO or logo and descriptive text make your entry jump out, and ensure that your company floats towards the top of your category in the listings. These items chargeable (see form), but rates are very low, and help you raise your profile throughout the year.

Prices are calculated automatically as you fill in the form, but for a general overview of our pricing structure, see Terms page.

Banners and buttons

In addition, you may reserve banner or button slots at the top or side of every page, ensuring that you catch the eye of all visitors to the site.

Forms in Word format

We regret that we no longer produce booking forms in Microsoft Word format. Nearly all entrants now use our online form, which is much quicker and which automatically calculates any charges. Please use this form if you possibly can.

If you cannot use the online form, please send the information as free text in an email, and we will do our best to enter it into the site ourselves.

The 2015 listings are in now place on this site.

However, if you don’t have a listing yet, submit one at any time.

Enhancements from £50 – PLUS optional editorial page!

(Details in form below)

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Use this form to update your printed and/or online guide listing.

This page requires Javascript to be enabled. If it's not, see details in left-hand column.  


No need to type your entry from scratch if you already have one

To call up your existing entry, click here to display current data.

When entering company name, please type in enough characters to ensure you find the right company, but omit brackets, "Ltd", "plc", which might not be included in listing.

If you have no existing entry, simply fill in all the details in the form below.

 Tracking systems suppliers – note details requested in special section below.

Trading name


Street address


Street address2



Postcode/Zip Code




Web address


Contact name in entry

Contact email in entry

Ultimate owner

Country where parent company based

Important! All asterisked items are mandatory.
It is a condition of entry that you supply a valid street
address and telephone number for your business.

*Your own name


*You own email address


*These two items are mandatory and are for our records, not for use in entry. The fields
will be blank even if you have called up your existing record. Please enter this information

Now please check boxes in the next section..


Section for your listing

You are entitled to one free primary listing in your chosen section, with address + contact details.

You can add a logo or logo plus statement to this. Prices from £180 to £600 (see foot of list)

For each extra listing after the first, add £50 (no enhancements) or £180 (logo or logo+statement)

After ticking preferred options, check the total cost by clicking button near bottom of this screen




Logo /

  You must tick the logo/statmt column for any category in which you want a logo or logo+statement to appear



Vehicle/asset tracking + location systems



In-cab computers



Handheld computers, tablets, notebooks, smartphones



Mobile peripherals, printers and accessories



Mobile device/application management



Navigation and traffic information systems



Mobile security



Mobile wireless + data networks



Mobile middleware, platforms and integration



Mobile workforce + field service applicationss



Voice recognition



Mobile data capture systems: barcode, QR, RFID



Digital mapping



Resellers, VARs, channel, consultants





If you've included logos, where should they appear?



Print + online

Online only



Colour logo





Would you like to include a company statement with logo entries?


Logo + statement







If you selected logos above,
'unspecified' means in print only

The above prices apply to one entry. Repeat entries with logo/statement: £180 each.

1 x extra listing ticked: £50 (extra listings without logo or statement are all at this price).
1 x logo ticked in list, 'Print' selected in 'Colour logo' line (this is the default): £180
1 x logo ticked, 'Print + online' selected in 'Colour logo' line: £300
2 x logos ticked, 'Print + online' selected in 'Colour logo' line: £300 plus £180 = £480
3 x logos ticked, 'Online only' selected in 'Logo+statement' line: £520 plus 2 x £180 = £ 880

See 'Check price' button further down form to tot up your order.

Some of the enhancements above come FREE if you book display advertising!
See further down under 'Include display advertisement ... '

New opportunity for 2015

You can now reserve an entire editorial page in the guide to show your own products and services in action. Compared with display advertising, the value is excellent. Submit a case study about a customer or expanded product information, complete with pictures.

If in print, the page will be placed near your main entry; if online, it will be flagged up as part of your entry, with the full story on a page to itself.

To qualify for the low prices shown below, simply reserve a logo and company statement with your standard entry (see above).

Important: If you order a logo and statement with your entry in print only, you can have the extra page in print only. If you order them online only, you can have the page online only. If both, you can have the page in print and online. Ensure you make the same selection below as for your enhanced entry above.




Print + online

Online only











Check price so far!

Net price: £ 


Company statement

If you've reserved a logo and statement with your main entry, please type text below in 150 wds.
Text that you enter here will be invoiced at the stated rate. Extra words £50 per 100


Even if you are also reserving an extra editorial page, please enter your main 150 word statement text here.
Then supply content for your extra page separately. Details in next screen (after you click Next button)

You can check text in next screen, and return to amend it if required.

Have you checked correct 'Free listing' category radio button at the top?
Have you selected print or online for any logo/s chosen above (if applicable)?
Don’t leave these UNSPECIFIED!



Vehicle/asset tracking + location suppliers ONLY


If you provide tracking systems, please tick any item you offer below.


GPS-based location technology


GSM cell-ID (mobile phone) location technology


Other satellite location technology (eg Inmarsat, Eutelsat)


Terrestrial location technology (eg Datatrak)


Mainly GPRS data communication


Mainly SMS data communication


Your own in-cab computers


Vehicle function monitoring (eg speed, door closures)


CANbus integration


Web-based access to tracking information


Trailer-type self-contained tracking


RFID-style depot access tracking


Integrated delivery management/POD management


Integrated satnav

If other, what:


Back to top of page

Include display advertisement in printed version too













Contact me to discuss





FREE logos and statements if you book display advertising in printed guide!

Book any of the above advertisements in the printed guide, and
we'll give you free entries in your listings (printed and online).

Double page spread or page: Up to FOUR entries including FREE logo and statement

Half page: Up to TWO entries including FREE logo and statement

Quarter: ONE entry including FREE logo and statement

Eighth: ONE listing with FREE logo

Tick your selections and press 'Check price' button below to see the figures!

Click button to check final price for enhancements or advertising (if requested)

Invoice me

Net price: £ 


Price may have changed if you've selected display positions    

Your ref. for invoicing:


Have you entered your trading name and your own name and email?
If not, click here to enter them now!

You can check your information in the next screen, and amend it if required.
Please press the Next button when you're ready.


All prices are in GBP. An order confirmation of all paid-for bookings will be emailed to you. Note that enhancements MUST be pre-paid prior to publication. Payment details and terms are shown in the next screen.




Paragon Software Systems

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility


121 Systems





Catalina Software

TranSend Solutions

Vigo Software



Truckcom Systens






Digital Task Management

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